Our Team

Kai Steenhoek:

Kai worked as a carpenter until his eye for detail and quality work led him to cabinetry. As a partner and installer of Nest Woodworking he is the one who follows through to make sure everything looks good in place. For a company that is primarily doing remodels his ability to assess the conditions of each unique site and work to make sure the vision of the design is maintained is critical. Kai keeps a log on install and listens to any feedback he gets while working on a project. His suggestions have lead us to a discipline that considers every step of the process before we begin. He treats each home he works in with respect and maintains an orderly working environment. Kai’s only faults are collecting too many tools and always listening to sports radio; which Nest Woodworking graciously tolerates. Kai lives in Minneapolis with his wife.

Joram Mckenney:

After an on-again, off-again relationship with college, Joram decided to balance the intellectual difficulty of a college education with a more hands on education in woodworking. After four years as an apprentice cabinet maker in a custom cabinet shop, he made the move to commercial cabinetry. One year later, in 2004, he was back to custom work. Now as a partner in Nest Woodworking he is responsible for drafting and finalizing details as well as being the second on install. This complement of drafting and installation creates a perfect feedback loop allowing for a more efficient and effective way of doing things. We highly recommend anyone involved in design or drafting to physically lift their designs, carry them through the door, and set them in place. Joram lives with his family in Nerstrand


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